We’re Having A FLASH Giveaway One Could Only Doodle About– It’s A Toop!

Hi Daydreamers! Don’t quite understand our blog post title? It’s okay we didn’t expect you to, it’s official Daydream Toy language. ­čśë   But what we DO want you to understand, is this MEGA giveaway we’re doing with all our toys:┬á   You remember our first giveaway the Doodle Track Car, and our second featuring […]

Here’s The Daydream Toy Story

OK, here’s my story. It’s a long one, so settle in and make sure you are comfortably seated as I tell the tale of how my Daydream was born… As far back as I can recall, when I was just a boy playing in an empty refrigerator box, I felt the calling. I always knew […]