We’re Extending Our Giveaway Just ONE More Day!

Ok Daydream Toy fans; we appreciate you SO much, that we’re giving you another 24 hours to enter our contest.


To recap, we are giving away our awesome TOOP Battle Set, and if you remember, the toy glows in the dark! Below are the Top 5 Reasons you should enter our contest for this awesome toy:


  1. It glows in the dark! Peace out Com – Ed (or your local power company), you have your own lighting source now.
  2. It’s a BATTLE set, which means it will be epic in play. Imagine the wars? Mom V  Dad, Dad V Kids, Kids V Mom, Kids V Fluffy…you get the idea.
  3. This is kind of like #2, but this toy encourages all family members to participate in the fun! Whether as a spectator or a player, everyone’s included here.
  4. Easy clean up! No small pieces floating around. All you need are batteries and a worthy opponent.
  5. It’s a Daydream Toy.



So come on Mom & Dad! With this extra day to enter all you have to do is tell us why your young one can’t live without our Toy in the comments on the giveaway post.


Good Luck & check back with us tomorrow when we announce the winner!

Photo Credit: Daydream Toy, Stat Services, IDNBlog, Be Comforted Blog


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