Everyone Loves A Daydream

We’ve done enough tooting of our own horn at Daydream Toy (or maybe “driving our own Doodle Tracks” would be a better metaphor). In case you needed ONE more reminder from us, here’s why Mom & Dad:


Our Daydream Toys won’t hurt your feet!

But in case you need more reasons to love us, we’ll give it to you straight. Below you’ll see our fans POV and how are toys have made playing even more fun!

For the little ones, we have Play With Your Food Sets:


Healthy eating can be child’s play even for picky eaters! Once engaged in an entertaining meal, children won’t notice that they are actually eating food that is good for them! Just prepare a wholesome meal, place one type of food in each section of the plate, spin the spinner, & eat from the designated section. Sounds so simple. .but children love it!” – Yahoo! Shopping

For you Mom & Dad the kids, and this week’s giveaway, we have our AFO Flash Flyers:


“I purchased two flash flyers, one for each of my daughters (6 & 8) and we love them. We sometimes hold our breath because of the speed and unknown direction that the flyers may take and wonder if they will crash into any delicate household item and break it. Let me be clear, most household items are not at all effected. The flyers are well made and gentle, it’s only fine delicate items that may not fair well. We have been lucky so far. Again, so much fun. Using them out doors is fun but with the speed at which they travel, you tend to run greater distances to retrieve them. Wouldn’t recommend on a windy day. Enjoy, we do.” – Dad, Amazon.com

“Once the Flash Flyer is launched, it’s pretty amazing how high it will go.  My dog goes nuts when he sees the streak of light and my kids are in awe over how cool it looks.  It spins high up into the air and comes back to the same area it was launched at, just like a boomerang.  Night time play is a little more interesting because the streak of light is more illuminated.  I won’t lie, I’ve given it a shot myself.  It looked fun so I wanted to personally see if it was.  Yep, sure is!” – Heck Of A Bunch Blog

So there you have it from the Daydream Toy enthusiasts. Become a part of this fun loving group by visiting Daydream Toy Online OR  you can visit our other post to win the giveaway; contest ends tonight!

Good Luck, Daydreamers 🙂

 Photo Credit: Google Images, Daydream Toy

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