We’re Doing A GIVEAWAY!

Oh yes, you read that title right! Daydream Toy has been bit by the “Holiday Season” bug and we want to give you TOYS!


Each week on THIS blog, we are giving away one of our top selling toys from Daydream Toy. All you have to do, is enter a comment below telling us why one of our awesome Toy’s needs to be added to your collection, and enter you e-mail address so we can notify you if you win.

The winner will be chosen at random, and we won’t be spamming your inbox. You can read all the boring Terms & Conditions of our Contest here.

First up: The Doodle Track!!


A Toy so great, it won an award!

This amazing little sports car will follow the twists and turns on a track YOU draw…like magic! The Doodle-Track Car® has optical sensors that read a bold black line drawn on a white background. Any black marker or crayon will do the trick. There is no special pen needed.


Customize your car with the colorful stick-on decals, and place the Doodle-Track Car on the playmat and watch it go. Draw a racetrack of your own design on a large sheet of paper or build your own custom racetracks at www.DoodleTrackCar.com. Design your tracks online, add stop & go features, and decorate. When you are finished designing, just print everything out on your home printer.


Enter in the comments below! This weeks giveaway starts this today and ends next Thursday, December 6, 2012.


*For more info please visit us on Facebook or our Official Website.

Photo Credit: DaydreamToy.com, FlightQuarters.com, Dreamstime.com


7 thoughts on “We’re Doing A GIVEAWAY!

  1. My nephew would absolutely love this. With ADHD and ODD, he definitely has a hard time staying interested in things, but this offers him the opportunity to get involved and instantly see the results of his “work”! I would love to give him this for Christmas!

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