Why We Play With Small Businesses: Daydream Toy Philosophy

Hi Gang!

As many of you know, Small Business Saturday was this past weekend:


and if you #ShopLocal, kudos to you! Many people don’t fully understand why there is an overflow of support for your Mom & Pop shops, but we do! Here’s why:

A big part of why we put our Daydream Toys into local businesses is due to visibility. A lot of consumers have a better view of what merchandise is carried and their special promotions, because Small Businesses are one of a kind and sought out for their inventory. These stores have more freedom to express their originality, creativity, and innovation within a space, and what better themes to have your product associated with?

Also when you shop local, you’re helping give back to your community. You’re assiting in helping business thrive around your area, and making your neighborhood, the place where you call home, an attraction to others. In fact,

“one study shows $45 of every $100 spent at small, local businesses stays in the local economy. National chains only keep local $13 of every $100 spent” – via BusinessInsider.com

It’s another way to show pride in where you live and where your roots are, and you’re investing in the fellow, well to do buisnesspeople around you.

Another important fact to remember in this economy, is that Small Businesses support you. In most cases their materials and services are outsourced locally, too. Which means? The toymaker from the Mom and Pop down the street buy groceries from your local grocery around the corner, which helps them stay open; and they’re the only ones who sell your favorite snack! You know what else is great? Local businesses hire locally, too.


We could go on and on in this blog post about supporting Small Businesses! But now I think we’ll take the time to show some support to our wonderful vendors. Shop with them for the most unique and original merchandise, because like your kid(s), they’re one of a kind. 🙂

Until next time!

Source Credit: WomanTribune.com, BusinessInsider.com, Cambridge Community Development


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