T-Giving Should Stand For Toy Giving!

Can you imagine what your children would do if they saw all this under the Christmas Tree?

Oh-My-Gosh! We imagine they would shriek so loud you might need an Advil 😉 But when it comes to the Holidays, it’s all worth it right?!

Beginning with this post, we’ll elaborate on our blog why gifting with a Daydream Toy is a win for this season.

A little background on our Toys: they’re innovative pieces to spark creativity and imagination with your young one. They also encourage family play and hands on use, helping them think outside the box and away from Technology.

First toy for your wishlist is, the AFO Flash Flyer. Take a look:

These things never stop flying! We apologize in advance for the paint chips in your wall Mom & Dad, but we will take credit for the immense fun to be had.

These are the “new school version” of the Boomerang! Not only do they come back to you, they glow in the dark in a multitude of colors.

We challenge you to create your own contests with the AFO Flash Flyer. Can you imagine lighting up the snow with these?!

To purchase, visit our ‘Where To Buy‘ page.

Happy Spinning!

PS even our kids in the office are happy with this toy!


One thought on “T-Giving Should Stand For Toy Giving!

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