We’re Having A FLASH Giveaway One Could Only Doodle About– It’s A Toop!

Hi Daydreamers!

Don’t quite understand our blog post title? It’s okay we didn’t expect you to, it’s official Daydream Toy language. 😉

We’re Having A FLASH Giveaway One Could Only Doodle About– It’s A Toop! | daydreamtoyusa


But what we DO want you to understand, is this MEGA giveaway we’re doing with all our toys: 

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You remember our first giveaway the Doodle Track Car, and our second featuring our AFO Flash Flyers, and the third with our TOOP Battle Sets, right? Well in this one, we’re giving away all THREE!

daydreamtoy.com __ Doodle-Track Car®-1.png


That’s right you read that correctly, we’re giving one lucky family the chance to win ALL three of our Best Selling Daydream Toys! The rules are the same,


  1. Read our posts and fall in love with our toys.
  2. Enter in the comments your name, e-mail address, and the big reason why you NEED this Daydream Toy.
  3. A winner will be picked at random next week to win this gift just in time for the New Year!



Good luck Daydream fans, and with this giveaway you have until December 31, 2012 to enter.



Daydream Toys



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We’re Extending Our Giveaway Just ONE More Day!

Ok Daydream Toy fans; we appreciate you SO much, that we’re giving you another 24 hours to enter our contest.


To recap, we are giving away our awesome TOOP Battle Set, and if you remember, the toy glows in the dark! Below are the Top 5 Reasons you should enter our contest for this awesome toy:


  1. It glows in the dark! Peace out Com – Ed (or your local power company), you have your own lighting source now.
  2. It’s a BATTLE set, which means it will be epic in play. Imagine the wars? Mom V  Dad, Dad V Kids, Kids V Mom, Kids V Fluffy…you get the idea.
  3. This is kind of like #2, but this toy encourages all family members to participate in the fun! Whether as a spectator or a player, everyone’s included here.
  4. Easy clean up! No small pieces floating around. All you need are batteries and a worthy opponent.
  5. It’s a Daydream Toy.



So come on Mom & Dad! With this extra day to enter all you have to do is tell us why your young one can’t live without our Toy in the comments on the giveaway post.


Good Luck & check back with us tomorrow when we announce the winner!

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Giveaway #3 And It GLOWS In The Dark

We’re back with Daydream Toy Giveaway No. 3, and this has to be one of our top FAVORITE toys. To recap, so far we’ve given away our Doodle Track Car and an AFO Flash Flyer, and we couldn’t be happier to spread some holiday cheer this season.

Google Image Result for http___4.bp.blogspot.com__G1G4TBevhwo_TQj75J5dUeI_AAAAAAAACZk_5ut5zZB2KLM_s1600_holiday-cheer.jpg-1

‘Tis the season!

Now, onto the loot. This week’s Toy is the TOOP Lightning Battle Set:

Like the title of this post says TOOPs GLOW. IN. THE. DARK! This non-stop motorized spinning top lights up with super-bright LEDs lights. You can spin 2 tops on top of one another to make a top tower, spin one on your hand, spin them on any hard surface.

AND you can invite a friend to play because this game, comes prepared to battle.


Bring it on!

See what we mean?

daydreamtoy.com __ TOOP Lightning Tops & Battle Set


See Parents, we’re eco friendly here at Daydream Toy. We’ll help save on your light bill with these TOOPs 😉

As always here are the rules:

  1. Read this post and fall in love with our toys.
  2. Enter in the comments your name, e-mail address, and the big reason why Santa cannot forget this gift when he stops by this year.
  3. A winner will be picked at random next week to win this gift just in time for the Holidays!

Good luck Daydream fans, and stay tuned even after the Holidays. You won’t want to miss what we have in store leading into 2013!



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Everyone Loves A Daydream

We’ve done enough tooting of our own horn at Daydream Toy (or maybe “driving our own Doodle Tracks” would be a better metaphor). In case you needed ONE more reminder from us, here’s why Mom & Dad:


Our Daydream Toys won’t hurt your feet!

But in case you need more reasons to love us, we’ll give it to you straight. Below you’ll see our fans POV and how are toys have made playing even more fun!

For the little ones, we have Play With Your Food Sets:


Healthy eating can be child’s play even for picky eaters! Once engaged in an entertaining meal, children won’t notice that they are actually eating food that is good for them! Just prepare a wholesome meal, place one type of food in each section of the plate, spin the spinner, & eat from the designated section. Sounds so simple. .but children love it!” – Yahoo! Shopping

For you Mom & Dad the kids, and this week’s giveaway, we have our AFO Flash Flyers:


“I purchased two flash flyers, one for each of my daughters (6 & 8) and we love them. We sometimes hold our breath because of the speed and unknown direction that the flyers may take and wonder if they will crash into any delicate household item and break it. Let me be clear, most household items are not at all effected. The flyers are well made and gentle, it’s only fine delicate items that may not fair well. We have been lucky so far. Again, so much fun. Using them out doors is fun but with the speed at which they travel, you tend to run greater distances to retrieve them. Wouldn’t recommend on a windy day. Enjoy, we do.” – Dad, Amazon.com

“Once the Flash Flyer is launched, it’s pretty amazing how high it will go.  My dog goes nuts when he sees the streak of light and my kids are in awe over how cool it looks.  It spins high up into the air and comes back to the same area it was launched at, just like a boomerang.  Night time play is a little more interesting because the streak of light is more illuminated.  I won’t lie, I’ve given it a shot myself.  It looked fun so I wanted to personally see if it was.  Yep, sure is!” – Heck Of A Bunch Blog

So there you have it from the Daydream Toy enthusiasts. Become a part of this fun loving group by visiting Daydream Toy Online OR  you can visit our other post to win the giveaway; contest ends tonight!

Good Luck, Daydreamers 🙂

 Photo Credit: Google Images, Daydream Toy

We’re Giving Santa A Run For His Money W/ Giveaway #2

A big congrats again to our winner, Karen. We can’t wait to see what kind of magic her young one creates with our Doodle Track Car. Although…


Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

Onto this giveaway. This week we’re giving you a chance to win our AFO FLASH FLYER:


You’ve seen it before in our “T-Giving Should Stand For Toy Giving!” post, but did you know it could do all this:



Oh yea, it lights up as. it. takes. flight.*

*As we said in our original post, this toy also spins on ceilings and we can only be held liable for the fun had when playing. Sorry for the paint chips Mom & Dad 😦

It’s a modern day Boomerang and a toy the whole family can share! All you have to do to win, is submit in the comments below why your kid should have our amazing toy. A winner will be chosen at random this time next week (see rules & regulations here). We wish you good luck!

We Have A Winner For Our 1st Blog Giveaway!!

We want to send a BIG Daydream Toy  congrats to….


Check your e-mail, Karen. We’re so excited to send you our Doodle Track Car for your son and we can’t wait to see pics of him creating his very own Track.

I hope you know, we think all our participants are winners 🙂 And you can still be TOY winners! Check back this afternoon to see the next Daydream Toy to be given away for the holidays!

Success Kid Meme Generator - DIY LOL-1

We’re Doing A GIVEAWAY!

Oh yes, you read that title right! Daydream Toy has been bit by the “Holiday Season” bug and we want to give you TOYS!


Each week on THIS blog, we are giving away one of our top selling toys from Daydream Toy. All you have to do, is enter a comment below telling us why one of our awesome Toy’s needs to be added to your collection, and enter you e-mail address so we can notify you if you win.

The winner will be chosen at random, and we won’t be spamming your inbox. You can read all the boring Terms & Conditions of our Contest here.

First up: The Doodle Track!!


A Toy so great, it won an award!

This amazing little sports car will follow the twists and turns on a track YOU draw…like magic! The Doodle-Track Car® has optical sensors that read a bold black line drawn on a white background. Any black marker or crayon will do the trick. There is no special pen needed.


Customize your car with the colorful stick-on decals, and place the Doodle-Track Car on the playmat and watch it go. Draw a racetrack of your own design on a large sheet of paper or build your own custom racetracks at www.DoodleTrackCar.com. Design your tracks online, add stop & go features, and decorate. When you are finished designing, just print everything out on your home printer.


Enter in the comments below! This weeks giveaway starts this today and ends next Thursday, December 6, 2012.


*For more info please visit us on Facebook or our Official Website.

Photo Credit: DaydreamToy.com, FlightQuarters.com, Dreamstime.com

Zippidy Do Da Race Tracks

Continuing our series on best selling Daydream Toy  gifts, we present to you: ZipDrifters™

These aren’t your Granny’s race cars.* Watch:

*Daydream Toy proudly loves ALL Granny’s.

The Cars AND the Tracks are equally as awesome! You can build your own community of Cars, or you can  race on a circle track. The world is your oyster with this Toy, and you can play with all your friends!

To take it to the extreme: our cars are made with brush tracks and move on vibration so you can race them ANYWHERE:

Ask your parents before you take it to the walls 😉

To purchase, visit our website for preferred vendors. We also encourage sharing! Any tracks you make, we want to see!

Happy Racing, & Drive Safe!

Photo Credit: Living Locurto

Why We Play With Small Businesses: Daydream Toy Philosophy

Hi Gang!

As many of you know, Small Business Saturday was this past weekend:


and if you #ShopLocal, kudos to you! Many people don’t fully understand why there is an overflow of support for your Mom & Pop shops, but we do! Here’s why:

A big part of why we put our Daydream Toys into local businesses is due to visibility. A lot of consumers have a better view of what merchandise is carried and their special promotions, because Small Businesses are one of a kind and sought out for their inventory. These stores have more freedom to express their originality, creativity, and innovation within a space, and what better themes to have your product associated with?

Also when you shop local, you’re helping give back to your community. You’re assiting in helping business thrive around your area, and making your neighborhood, the place where you call home, an attraction to others. In fact,

“one study shows $45 of every $100 spent at small, local businesses stays in the local economy. National chains only keep local $13 of every $100 spent” – via BusinessInsider.com

It’s another way to show pride in where you live and where your roots are, and you’re investing in the fellow, well to do buisnesspeople around you.

Another important fact to remember in this economy, is that Small Businesses support you. In most cases their materials and services are outsourced locally, too. Which means? The toymaker from the Mom and Pop down the street buy groceries from your local grocery around the corner, which helps them stay open; and they’re the only ones who sell your favorite snack! You know what else is great? Local businesses hire locally, too.


We could go on and on in this blog post about supporting Small Businesses! But now I think we’ll take the time to show some support to our wonderful vendors. Shop with them for the most unique and original merchandise, because like your kid(s), they’re one of a kind. 🙂

Until next time!

Source Credit: WomanTribune.com, BusinessInsider.com, Cambridge Community Development